Building financial independence for everyone — Join the Finin campus ambassador program

We are building a network of Finin brand advocates who can be the voice for Finin. By providing essential feedback, ideas and enthusiasm, we can make Finin reach new heights.

We want you to help us build Finin from the group up with your help and with your feedback and ideas, scale Finin to new heights and promote the values of financial freedom and independence.

Let’s give you a head start: What is the Finin Campus Ambassador Program?

The Finin Campus Ambassador Program is a network of enterprising students who can be Finin brand advocates in their campus communities. The program enables ambassadors to build and nurture the skill sets for them to aid their career growth by providing them with an opportunity beyond academics to develop the soft skills of communication, marketing, and networking.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for creative, passionate and enthusiastic individuals who will work alongside us in helping build Finin into a household name in the neobanking space. We are looking for individuals who are energetic and brimming with crazy ideas to build a fantastic product.

If you are someone who loves to build ideas, provide feedback and are passionate about learning and expanding your knowledge — who can help build communities and love meeting new people, we are looking for you.

What do you need to do?

Your sole aim will be to be micro-influencers for Finin and help us promote our values across your networks which can drum up buzz and help increase our community.

You will be aiding the marketing team to increase the reach and engagement of all the campaigns, webinars, events, and surveys.

What is in it for you?

The Finin ambassadors will be provided certificates and/or acknowledgement letters as well as gather relevant industry knowledge and work experience that will aid them to kickstart their career paths. You will also be given a chance to work with various teams to understand a startup environment.

Lastly, you will be equipped with the power of money and personal finance management right at the start of your careers.

How to sign up?

You can directly write to us — with your resume, and we will directly connect with you if you fit the requirements for the Finin campus ambassadorship.

Who is Finin?

Finin is a consumer-centric neobank wherein users can manage, save and invest their money in a simpler and seamless manner. We provide an AI-powered hyper-personalised banking experience by understanding the users’ financial behaviour and their spending pattern, so they can save more and invest better.

A new approach to banking — to help you stay on top of your finances in the palm of your hands —