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The lives of the opulent and fanciful often seem glamorous, however even the lion’s share of celebrities have issues with money. Despite many incalculable heartrending stories of celebrities who worked their way out of financial distress, the opposite also happens. For many stars, their career arcs turn from riches to rags.

At times, fame and wealth could result in a disastrous spending spree. Many celebrities have ended up declaring bankruptcy and many had trouble paying off loans and making child support payments as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the people we look up to who lost all…

In the later half of 1996, most of the executives on the board of the tobacco to hotels major, ITC Ltd., were sent to jail on charges of FERA and excise violations. This was when the reign of ITC Classic Finance (Classic), ITC’s flagship financial services 49% subsidiary, began to crumble. The various scandals in ITC has definitely had a damaging impact on its brand. This resulted in a lot of desperate fixed deposit holders wanting to withdraw their funds. Almost 50 crore rupees was withdrawn within barely few days after the breakout of such a crisis. This uncertainty eroded…

Women have been known to pass the baton back to men when it comes to handling money in the recent past. A recent survey conducted in USA in March 2020 concluded that, “Women under-engage with their finances, although they control more than $20 trillion in wealth”.

However in Indian households, for as long as we can remember, while father’s earned the money, it was the mothers who saved it. On pay day, very ceremoniously, most men would come back home and pass the money to the ladies who would then sit down and section it into multiple expenditures such as…

Have you ever pondered about why you took a certain financial decision? If you haven’t now’s the time to think things through. Here’s a fun activity that can get you thinking and do something better with your money.

Take a screenshot of the gif above and comment below what you got and your thoughts on the same. Through this blog, you will understand the meaning of the sentence captured on your screenshot. If you have landed here from one of our social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook), welcome!

The town has been painted red, love is in the air and everyone, young or old, is going to pour their hearts and wallets alike to express love in the most grandiose way possible. The business of love has been a rather lucrative one since time immemorial.

Think back to the ads that have employed companionship and love as a central focal point of sales. …

As India celebrates the 72nd Republic Day today, we at Finin dove deep into the Fundamental Rights set forth by the Indian Constitution. We then found it imperative to inform you, our customers, that we have and always will strive to adhere to the Rights set forth on a product level so that when you bank on us, with us, we give you everything you deserve and more.

We the People of Finin…

..solemnly pledge that….

.. we strive to abide by the Fundamental Rights set forth by the Indian Constitution.

Data privacy or information privacy is an offshoot of data security involving judicious data handling — consent, notice and regulatory obligations. Practical data privacy concerns often revolve around the below three points. → Whether or how data is shared with third parties → How data is legally collected or stored → Regulatory restrictions such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), to name a few

How is data privacy different from data security?

It is a common belief that by keeping sensitive data secure from hackers, they’re automatically compliant with data privacy regulations. However, this is not the…

We have some good news for everyone!

You can now transfer money to your Finin account using PhonePe. Continue reading for a step by step tutorial.

Thinking back to January, it takes us back to a mask-less time when we didn’t have to glance dubiously at people sneezing in public places, or think twice about ordering a second round of momos from the street side vendors. We didn’t have to unsuccessfully jab our keys or elbows at elevator buttons. We have probably washed our hands in these last few months way more than we have all our lives.

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc, little did we know that we would spiral into a lockdown, work from homes, internet issues, health issues and what not.

But let’s go…

Financial management refers to strategic planning, organising, directing and controlling of finance. It involves activities such as :

  • Maintaining enough supply of funds
  • Ensuring you have good return on investment
  • Optimum and efficient utilization of funds
  • Creating real and safe investment opportunities to invest in

Financial management plays a very important part in our lives. It helps with :

  • Financial planning and acquiring funds
  • Effective utilization and allocation of your finances
  • Making critical financial decisions
  • Improve profitability
  • Encourages you to save money

What is personal finance?

Financial management of an individual or family’s resources is known as personal finance. This comprises of how you…


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