2020 | A Horribly Good Year for Finin

Thinking back to January, it takes us back to a mask-less time when we didn’t have to glance dubiously at people sneezing in public places, or think twice about ordering a second round of momos from the street side vendors. We didn’t have to unsuccessfully jab our keys or elbows at elevator buttons. We have probably washed our hands in these last few months way more than we have all our lives.

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc, little did we know that we would spiral into a lockdown, work from homes, internet issues, health issues and what not.

But let’s go back to January, when our product roadmap was hand drawn on our office board. All of us huddled around in close proximity and discussed the launch of Finin.

Fast forward to a few months later, we were limited to phone calls and Google Meetings but what remained constant, you ask? Dare we say, it was the will to not let this microscopic virus to infect our bodies and our vision and plans for Finin.

From closing our banking partnerships to signing a ton of online contracts to getting cracking with UI/ UX, content and features to give India, not only its first but also its best ever neobank, we had a rather horribly awesome year!

Here’s a quick glance at some of our favorite milestones.

When we created the first ever live account on 19th November, we all were on a call together, a little past midnight. Waiting in anticipation, with a beverage of choice in one hand to see this financial revolution come to life. We didn’t dare crack open our beers until the account was live, and at last, there it was! The first ever account. We all hooted and cheered and congratulated and drank to our hearts content.

Soon after, on December 2nd we went public on Google Play Store (if you do not have an account as yet, you are truly missing out!) and celebrated yet again!

We have to tell you, when we received that first debit card we were overjoyed; cradled it like we would a baby and were moved to tears. We all walked out triumphantly to the nearest store to test it. It worked! We came back and used the card to order pizza for everybody, it worked (also we love a classic margherita and it’s our celebration food).

2020 has been a strange year for everyone, but one thing that it taught us was that if you set your heart to getting something done, nothing can stop you, virus be damned. We have seen a sheer overflow of passion and will in the office to push our boundaries and limits to make sure Finin was live. And here we are. In 2020, we truly arrived and in style.

That’s not all!

We are not resting because we are not done. We have a lot more in store and the journey has just begun. Our product roadmap looks extensive and promising. It’s truly an object of envy and we admire it from time to time.

Psstt…this is only a sneak peak.

Stay tuned because 2021 will be another year of pushing out the best, working twice as hard and churning out an ever better version of Finin. A version tailor-made for you.

Until then, Happy New Year!

Have a glorious time from start to finish, god knows we all deserve it.

A new approach to banking — to help you stay on top of your finances in the palm of your hands — www.finin.in

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